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Buster Olney on Soriano

Buster Olney was just on Baseball Tonight, saying that the biggest trade news is the Twins talking to the Rangers about Soriano, with the hold-up being that the Rangers are insisting on Francisco Liriano.

He indicated that this story is the biggest one leading up to the trade deadline...let's keep our fingers crossed...

Update [2005-7-31 13:17:4 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Olney was just on ESPNews, says that the Twins deal is Lohse and Boone going to the Rangers, with the Rangers demanding Liriano as part of the deal, but that people don't think the Rangers really want to deal Soriano.

I keep hoping that this is just Hart playing poker...if the Rangers would really rather keep Soriano than deal him, that's a problem...