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More Sori non-trade post-mortem

Ken Rosenthal reports the Braves wanted Soriano:

The Braves made a run at Rangers 2B Alfonso Soriano, offering 2B Marcus Giles, RHP Jorge Sosa and a pitching prospect for Soriano and OF Kevin Mench.

Wow. A lot depends on who the pitching prospect is, but I'd have to think long and hard about that deal. Marcus Giles is definitely a better player than Soriano, and given that I want to bring Brian Giles here as a free agent after the season, having his brother playing for Texas would seem to be an incentive...

Kevin Sherrington takes the Rangers to task for not getting a Soriano deal done, and closes with this little exchange:

Soriano? He's a short-timer, and as great as he is on offense, he's a little short on the intangibles the other infielders possess but not so lacking that it makes him unattractive.

Hey, John: Will Soriano's trade value ever be higher than it was last week?

"I don't really want to comment," he said before he started arguing with himself.

"Yes, I do. There's no question."

Only now that window has opened and closed. From here on out, the view's not so good.

Sorry, John, but you're probably wrong.

Evan Grant simply reports that the Rangers couldn't get the type of pitching they were looking for, so they stood pat.