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Give Credit Where Due

By sweeping the Kansas City Royals over the weekend, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim set a franchise record for wins at midseason with 51. Twice they've had a record of 49-32 after 81 games. In 1989, they faltered to a 36-45 second half and ended eight games behind a dominant Oakland squad. In 1998, they led the Texas Rangers by 3.5 games. I believe you know how that turned out.

Another data point of hope is that Baseball Prospectus gives them only 46.3 adjusted wins based on their peripherals. My trusty computer pegs them for only 45.3. Nevertheless, Texas faces a daunting task in overcoming a 7.5-game deficit in a half season. Catching three teams in the wild-card race is no easier.

Here's a rundown of Kansas City's "performance" in the series along with an updated picture. Sorry for the repetition.

July 1-3, 2005

Runs- 3
Hits- 9
Walks- 2
LOB- 7
Line - .118/.141/.157