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Some items this morning...

John Hart says the Rangers neither a buyer nor a seller be...apparently, being unwilling to give up quality prospects limits one's choices in the trade market. T.R. Sullivan, in this piece, does indicate that Richard Hidalgo could be moved at some point, to make room for Jason Botts, although I think "waive" would be more accurate than "moved".

Kathleen O'Brien has a terrific write-up on the DVD guys in Frisco, while the DMN's farm report today features a write-up on K.C. Herren.

Kenny Rogers is now saying that he, and he alone, will decide if he's going to go to the ASG, although personally, I still think he'll end up skipping it.

There's an AP article on ARod out, that touches briefly on his time with the Rangers, saying that Buck considered ARod a "prima donna".

And finally, there's a new Peter Gammons column about the BoSox up on Yes, shocking, I know...Gammons writing about the Red Sox? Stop the presses!!!

But what is noteworthy is that it is in the "Insider" pay section, which means that pretty much every columnist other than Jim Caple and Eric Neel are part of the pay portion of -- hell, you can't even read John Kruk's babbling nonsense for free anymore.