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This morning's notes...

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T.R. Sullivan today talks about R.A. Dickey's attempts to master the knuckleball. He and the club seem cautiously optimistic about his progress, and by all accounts, if anyone has the work ethic and baseball smarts to be able to learn this new pitch and make a transition to a knuckleballer, it is Dickey.

Sullivan also says that the Juan Dominguez roller coaster is back up, with the organization being happy with the state of his changeup and considering calling him up for Saturday night's start. Kam Loe, meanwhile, has only pitched two innings since last Saturday, and those two innings on Tuesday, so the organization may be gearing him up to make the start on Saturday, instead.

Also, John Sickels did an "All Questions Answered" segment yesterday (two of them, actually), which included a question about whether Gonzalez or Botts has more of a future with the Rangers. He picked Botts to be dealt...