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Some minor notes from tonight...

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Oklahoma won, 9-5 tonight, with R.A. Dickey apparently continuing to improve with his knuckler, giving up 3 runs in 7 innings.

Will Smith hit a double and a homer, continuing a baffling trend...he's hitting .330 in AAA, with an OPS near 1000 in over 100 plate appearances, but is sitting at .227 with a sub-700 OPS in AA. Weird...

And Jason Botts wasn't in the lineup tonight...

Hmmmm...could a Botts call-up be imminent?

Frisco won 5-4, with Vince Sinisi looking like he's getting his stroke back, going 3 for 4, and new LSB fave Adam Fox going 2 for 4.

Yay, Adam Fox!!!