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Scott Feldman up?

Over at the Newberg Report, a poster is reporting that Scott Feldman has been called up, and is currently en route to Cleveland.

There's been some buzz about him for a couple of months now, as he's impressed the brass with his performance out of the pen for Bakersfield and Frisco. You can see his numbers for the season here.

He's got solid numbers, but the thing that concerns me is that neither his K/BB ratio nor his K/9IP ratio is very good. He's averaging less than 6 strikeouts per 9 IP, not a real strong ratio for a reliever, and his sub-2 K/BB ratio isn't real strong, either. On the other hand, he's done a great job of keeping the ball down and in the park, and he seems to be viewed as someone who is better suited than most for TBIA.

A 30th round draft choice out of the 2003 draft, Feldman is a sidearmer who brought to mind Mark Eichhorn, when I saw him pitch. If he actually has been called up, he seems likely to be utilized in a middle relief role.