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Soriano claimed, and Buck on Loe

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According to T.R. Sullivan, the Minnesota Twins have put in a waiver claim on Alfonso Soriano. Sullivan says that the Twins primarily put in the claim to block Soriano from going somewhere else, but that the teams are talking trade nonetheless...

To repeat...if the Rangers can get Durbin, Lohse and Romero for Soriano right now, they need to do that deal.

We also have this item, on Kam Loe getting a look in the rotation...

The Rangers might also use Wednesday's spot to give Kameron Loe a chance to start.

"He [Loe] wants to, and a lot of people think he might be good at it," Rangers manager Buck Showalter said. "The guy throws strikes; we'd like to take a look at him. It's also a chance for him to face more hitters, see more situations and gain more experience. It's still under discussion."

I get the feeling Buck isn't a big advocate of Loe getting a look in the rotation...