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A 1-12 road trip

Including being swept by the Yanks, Red Sox, and Devil Fishes.

What a whip that was.

It sucks to be a Rangers fan right now.

Fortunately for John Hart, Tom Hicks, and Buck Showalter, though, football season is starting soon, and the DFW media (along with a lot of fans) are now simply ignoring the Rangers.

This belly-flopping debacle ends up flying under the radar, because they are out of the race, and other than the beat writers and the die-hard baseball fans, it seems no one really cares what the Rangers are doing right now.

One would think that that would be bad news to the folks running the team...but with the way this team has been mis-managed since the offseason began, the people in charge of the Rangers are probably just happy to be out of the line of fire, and that this poorly thought out, poorly constructed team is being allowed to wither and die down the stretch away from the public eye.