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Danks tonight

John Danks got hit hard again tonight for Frisco, giving up 8 runs in five innings, including a couple of homers, and bumping his ERA up to 5.36.

Cause for concern? Not really...

He's clearly not ready for the majors this season -- no matter what Tom Hicks might have thought at the start of 2005 -- but he's not supposed to be ready yet. The guy is still eight months away from being old enough to buy a beer. He's barely two years removed from high school. The fact that he's been able to pitch in AA at such a young age, and not embarrass himself, is a tribute to what a quality prospect he is.

Danks, like he did last season, appears to be wearing out late in the year, but that's not uncommon for pitchers this young. I'm not worried about him. He needs to go back to Frisco in 2006, spend at least half a season there, and then we can see where he is.