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Possible September callups

Per the DMN, the Rangers are expected to call up 5 or 6 players when rosters expand for September. The candidates: starting pitchers Edison Volquez, R.A. Dickey and Josh Rupe, relievers Jose Veras, Scott Feldman and Kelvin Jimenez, catcher Gerald Laird, outfielder Jason Botts and infielder Drew Meyer.

Botts and Laird are pretty much locks to be recalled, given that they are already on the 40 man roster and are candidates for starting jobs with the Rangers next year. Feldman is also pretty much a lock, if for no other reason than the fact that if he's left in the minors rather being recalled, he's going to burn an option.

Dickey and Rupe are both on the 40 man roster already, but neither has pitched real well at AAA this year. Rupe has come on over the last month, though, and Dickey is one of Buck's guys, so they are both legitimate possibilities.

Volquez is a lock to be added to the 40 man roster this offseason, and the organization seems to be leaning towards adding Meyer, so they seem like pretty good candidates to be called up -- particularly Volquez, whom the Rangers are supposedly considering using as a starter in Tuesday's doubleheader.

Jimenez and Veras seem like longshots to be added, at least to me.