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More Rosenthal stuff

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Fox Sports has a somewhat different version of Ken Rosenthal's notes column that I linked last night...

A couple of other interesting tidbits in there...

Rosenthal thinks Cards' starter Jason Marquis could be moved for a bat, either by Wednesday's trade deadline or in the offseason. The Rangers' name has come up in connection with the Cards, and I've heard that there has been some talk of a Mench for Marquis deal, or possibly a prospect for GMJ, as the Cards look for some outfield help. Moving Mench doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, unless you are committed to a) giving Jason Botts a chance in left field, and/or b) moving Mark Teixeira to the outfield.

Rosenthal also says that Paul DePodesta may be falling out of favor in Los Angeles, in part because of the Jeff Kent/Milton Bradley imbroglio. If the Dodgers decide to move Bradley -- and there is talk that one of those guys is going to have to go -- then I'd like to see the Rangers get in on him. He'd be a great solution to the centerfield problem.

Finally, we have this item on Edison Volquez:

The Rangers are banking on their young pitching, and a scout offers this assessment of Double-A RHP Edison Volquez, who could be in the majors soon: "He has a very good arm. He's up to 97 mph. He pitches at 95. He kind of reminds me of Octavio Dotel a little bit. He has a real good change, a slider at 80 to 82. And he's not afraid to pitch inside." ...