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Notes this morning

Several things of interest in the wake of yesterday's 7-5 win...

As Chris Martin noted in the diary section, the Rangers have once again been accused of stealing signs, this time by Mark Buehrle after yesterday's game. Interestingly enough, I was having an exchange with Lookout Landing's Jeff Sullivan about the vast split between the home and road numbers of guys like Blalock and Teixeira just yesterday. I don't think there's anything to Buehrle's accusations, but if there is, the Rangers might want to stop doing it, if only because it seems to be making it that much harder for them to adjust to hitting on the road.

Kathleen O'Brien in the S-T says that Joaquin Benoit has locked down a roster spot for 2006, with the only question being whether he should be in the rotation or in the pen. Personally, I vote for in the pen, but either way, he's had a very nice season this year. According to Buck, it was Hart who was adamant about keeping Benoit around this spring, so a tip of the cap to Hart for sticking to his guns.

On the injury front, O'Brien said that John Hudgins has undergone surgery to remove bone chips from his elbow, and that Francisco Cordero was unavailable yesterday because of triceps soreness and a stiff neck.

Finally, we have this from Tom Hicks on the grousing by "the core":

Tom Hicks chalked up the frustrated comments of core position players on the recent 1-12 road trip to disappointment with the team's struggles. He also said he plans to address the players' concerns with them at season's end.

"I told them I'd talk to them after the season is over," Hicks said.

He also said John Hart has talked to some players about their concerns, but a half dozen players said that was not the case.

John Hart saying one thing, the players saying another...sounds like a familiar refrain...