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Thursday a.m. things

The dog days of summer...after last season's incredible run, it makes it particularly disappointing to be playing out the string so early this year. I predicted a .500 team, and that's what they are playing like...but still, after the excitement of 2004, this August feels more hollow than usual...

A few notes out there today...the DMN has a little writeup on Steve Karsay, and confirm that if Ron Mahay clears waivers, he'll head to the minors. Grant seems to think there's a decent chance Mahay will be claimed, which is disappointing to me...I'd hoped he'd get a chance to straighten himself out and contribute in 2006.

The DMN also mentions that the Rangers have talked to Aaron Sele about a minor league deal, and that Saturday's starter is still unnamed, but Showalter says he's on the roster already, so it is likely either James Baldwin or John Wasdin.

In the S-T, T.R. Sullivan cites two scouts who believe there's a good chance Mahay will be claimed. Sullivan also says that, along with Baldwin and Wasdin, Kam Loe is being considered for the start on Saturday.