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Hidalgo to the d.l.

T.R. Sullivan is reporting that Richard Hidalgo is heading to the d.l. today, with Marshall McDougall being called up to replace Hidalgo.

The call up seems rather odd, since McDougall is a utility infielder who plays a little outfield, and the disabling of Hidalgo would seem to create a need for an outfielder. Of course, it could be that Buck would prefer to give DeRosa more time in the outfield, rather than look at, say, Jason Botts out there...

In other Rangers notes, John Wasdin is supposedly getting the start today, although Kam Loe, Juan Dominguez, and R.A. Dickey are also supposedly being considered for that spot in the rotation. Although I didn't hear it myself, several folks have reported that Buck, last night, said on the post-game show that C.J. Wilson would stay in the rotation until Kenny Rogers returned.