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Frisco tonight

Got to go to a Frisco home game for the first time tonight...beautiful park. Really great experience there...I can see why folks up in that part of the Metroplex would go there a lot more often than TBIA...

My quick thoughts:

  1. I went tonight because I thought Diamond was going to get the start, but it was A.J. Murray who went instead. Murray reminds me of Doogie Davis at Doogie's nibbliest...a lot of first pitch balls, a lot of junk on the outside part of the plate to everyone...
  2. Nickeas hit the ball hard constantly, including foul balls. His home run to left was a no-doubter.
  3. My opinion on Arias is unchanged.
  4. Ruddy Yan is real, real fast. I still have my doubts that he can play, but he's real fast.
  5. Vince Sinisi has a very pretty swing. He's not real big, and I know there are concerns that he's not going to develop power, which (like Gonzalez) will probably be the difference between him making it and not making it. But he does have a very nice swing.
  6. Juan Senreiso has a cannon. Of course, on the two throws he made, he missed the cutoff man on a play where he had no chance of getting the runner at home, which allowed the batter to advance at second, and then he overthrew the first baseman by about three feet on a play where he had a pretty good chance of doubling off the runner.
  7. I like Adam Fox. Maybe it is just because he shares my name, and my position on the baseball field from back when I played, and the same relative size as me compared to the rest of the players, but he caught my eye tonight. Showed a good eye, made solid contact, seems to be able to pick it at third base. He's worth keeping an eye on.
  8. Of the two sidearming righties out of the pen, Wes Littleton impressed me more than Scott Feldman. Littleton has a funky delivery that one would think would be difficult for a righthanded batter to pick up the first time around, and his fastball brought to mind a phrase I read long ago -- "sneaky fast". He doesn't throw that hard, but with his delivery, the ball seems to come out faster than it is really thrown (if that makes sense). Feldman pitched the ninth, and seemed to me reminiscent of Mark Brandenburg and Mark Eichhorn.