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Sidney Ponson released

The Baltimore Orioles have released Sidney Ponson, and claim they have voided his contract pursuant to the morals clause in the standard player's contract.

Ponson was arrested last winter in Aruba for disorderly conduct, and was arrested just over a week ago for DUI.

Ponson and the player's union are no doubt going to fight the club's decision, and I'm curious as to see what the outcome is.

But if the Orioles are successful, I think this may begin a new trend of players with bad contracts getting Neagled.

The more worrisome possibility, as a Rangers fan, is that the Rangers may decide to drag him in here and put him into the rotation. While I don't want to go with an all-youth rotation for 2006, bringing Ponson in would be about as useless as bringing Astacio in this year was.