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Redhawks knocked out of playoffs

The Redhawks have been knocked out of the AAA playoffs, losing tonight, 7-3.

With Oklahoma out, we should see a few more promotions coming in the next day or two, although how many is still up in the air.

Ian Kinsler reportedly will not be coming up, even though he's going to have to be added to the 40 man roster this offseason. R.A. Dickey is pretty much guaranteed a call-up, based on Buck Showalter's comments in today's paper.

Josh Rupe and Jason Botts are both currently on the 40 man roster, although there's some question about whether either will get promoted. Rupe seems more likely, given that there's always the need for more arms in the pen.

Botts would normally seem to be an obvious call-up, since he'd presumably be in contention for the DH job in 2006, and since Mark DeRosa is still playing regularly in right field, a position that Botts can man (albeit, from most reports, not well at all).

However, the organization is still making public vows of fealty to Phil Nevin, and the rumblings continue to be that the team isn't interested in looking at Botts in the outfield, so Botts may not get a call-up because the organization may prefer to keep giving those ABs to Nevin and DeRosa.

We shall see, fairly soon...