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Notes heading into the weekend...

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What a weird game last night.

Another one where Kam Loe didn't seem to be entirely on his game, but fought through some problems and ended up with a decent outing.

I'm getting pretty enthused about the idea of him and Juan Dominguez being in the rotation for 2006.

As has been the case lately, things are fairly quiet this morning in the Rangers buzz bin. Per the DMN, Mark Roberts is getting the final spot in the AFL, which I thought was likely...he's been pretty impressive since coming back from injury this year, and definitely could use the innings he'll get out there.

The DMN and S-T also both say that Chris Young threw yesterday, and that he could be back in the rotation for Thursday's game against the Angels.

On the national baseball front, Bob Nightingale predicts Jim Tracy gets axed by the Dodgers, and is replaced by Ranger pitching coach Orel Hershiser. Personally, I don't see that happening, because I get the sense Hershiser would rather be in the front office than a manager. But if Hershiser left, that would be a huge blow...

And a couple of other non-Rangers articles I stumbled across, and thought I'd throw out there...

Bruce Jenkins of the San Fran Chronicle describes as one of the season's "lowlights" hearing a couple of people discussing VORP and WHIP, suggesting that losers who pay attention to such things should "disappear into a basement somewhere and play around with numbers," while everyone else is "out in the sun, discussing a little thing we like to call 'runs batted in'."

And Sporting News college basketball writer Dan Wetzel really hates Barry Bonds, and rips the Giants fans for not booing Bonds when he returned this week.