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Today's Philly/Marlins game

Incredible 9th inning today in the Phillies/Marlins game, at Florida...

Dontrelle Willis took a shutout into the top of the 9th, protecting a two run lead. This sequence followed:

Top 9th: Philadelphia

  • J. Encarnacion in right field
  • J. Conine at first
  • J. Rollins singled to left
  • J. Michaels walked, J. Rollins to second
  • B. Abreu safe at first on second baseman L. Castillo's fielding error, J. Rollins scored, J. Michaels to third
  • T. Jones relieved D. Willis
  • E. Chavez ran for B. Abreu
  • P. Burrell singled to center, J. Michaels scored, E. Chavez to second
  • C. Utley reached on bunt single to pitcher, E. Chavez scored, P. Burrell to third, C. Utley to second on pitcher T. Jones' throwing error
  • S. Victorino ran for P. Burrell
  • D. Bell singled to shallow center, S. Victorino scored, C. Utley to third
  • M. Lieberthal singled to center, C. Utley scored, D. Bell to second
  • R. Howard hit for R. Martinez
  • R. Howard safe at first on first baseman J. Conine's fielding error, D. Bell scored, M. Lieberthal to second
  • M. Tucker hit for U. Urbina
  • R. Villone relieved T. Jones
  • M. Tucker singled to right, M. Lieberthal to third, R. Howard to second
  • J. Rollins singled to center, M. Lieberthal and R. Howard scored, M. Tucker to second
  • J. Michaels struck out looking
  • E. Chavez singled to center, M. Tucker scored, J. Rollins to second, J. Rollins to third on center fielder J. Pierre's throwing error
  • R. Messenger relieved R. Villone
  • S. Victorino hit sacrifice fly to center, J. Rollins scored
  • C. Utley grounded out to pitcher
10 runs, 8 hits, 4 errors
Philadelphia 10, Florida 2

Damn. What a wretched, wretched inning to sit through, if you are one of the dozen or so Marlins fans out there.

And this was a huge game for the Marlins...if they'd held on to win, they would have been in a virtual tie with Philly and Houston for the wild card lead.

Now, they are two games back of both, and will be 2.5 games back of Houston if Houston wins tonight.