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Jayson Stark on Soriano

From Stark's column...

* That's Right (You're Still in Texas): Alfonso Soriano is still a Ranger, in case you hadn't noticed.

Yeah, you'll no doubt be seeing his name in Rumor Central again this winter. But indications are that he's likely to remain a Ranger next year, too. Nevertheless, an executive of one AL team can't figure out why he's still a Ranger.

"If they were thinking seriously about trading him, his value will never be higher than it was July 31," the exec said. "So now that means you know they're going to tender him [a contract for next year]. Which means they're going to tie up $10 million in a guy who's a defensive liability, and a guy whose offensive abilities aren't as great as his numbers. I don't get it. They need pitching. They had a chance to get pitching for him at the deadline. And he's still there. Makes no sense to me."

Couldn't have said it better myself...