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Discussion thread -- Guys who would have been a lot better 25 years ago

I saw this in Bill Simmons' latest column...

It's jarring to watch Drew Bledsoe and Kurt Warner running two-minute drills at the end of games, isn't it? They can't move around, teams just blitz them up the middle, and eventually, they (A) commit a turnover, (B) take a killer sack or (C) throw a one-hopper. Sadly, there's no "D." Twenty-five years ago, when the defenses were three times slower, those guys would have been right back in that thing.

(Note: That should be its own Web site: Guys Who Would Have Been Much Better 25 Years Ago. For instance, I think Troy Murphy would have been a perennial All-Star. Same with Tim Dwight and Danny Fortson.)

Great idea, and, given how quiet things are on the Rangers discussion front, something I thought I'd throw up a thread about.

The guy who pops to mind right off the top of my head is Scott Podsednik. Would have been perfect for Whitey Herzog's Cards teams, or the Royals, teams with turf who ran all the time. 25 years ago, Podsednik would have been a better Vince Coleman.

Neifi Perez probably also fits in that category. 25 years ago, before shortstops got SuperSized, Neifi Perez still would have sucked, but he would have had a career because so many managers still wanted the Mark Belanger-type shortstop, or at least would live with that type.

Anyway, let's get some feedback here...and it doesn't have to be limited to baseball. What other of today's players would fit?