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Don't like Bonds? Then you are racist...

That's what Denver Post columnist Mark Kiszla says, anyway...

When the boos rain down on the slugger as he steps to home plate, what do you hear?

I hear racism.

Bonds proves bigotry in this country is always as close as the back of a fan's throat.

Resuming a brilliant career left for dead by his painful knee injury and a chronic steroid controversy, the 41-year-old Bonds is again bashing hanging curveballs and his detractors into the upper deck.

Bonds hits our town with 707 home runs to his name. Roll over, Babe Ruth. The king of baseball's asterisk era has your hallowed statistic dead in his sights.

And White America hates it.

Personally, I'm a Bonds fan. I think he's one of the three or four greatest players ever to play the game.

But for those who don't like him, I tend to believe it has a lot more to do with what an ass Bonds acts like, in public, than it does with race.