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BA's top 20 prospects for the Midwest League

BA's top 20 for the Midwest League is out.

The Midwest League is low-A, and is populated primarily with former high school draftees, along with second-tier college draftees. Given the Rangers' emphasis on college players the last few years, their low-A affiliate at Clinton hasn't been as prospect-rich as some other affiliates.

And that is reflected in the rankings, as just one LumberKing cracks the top 20. That one, though, is Eric Hurley, who checks in at #3, and who gets very good marks for his fastball and his professionalism, with BA saying that he's someone who is constantly working and studying to try to get an extra edge.

BA also recaps their list from five years ago for the Midwest League, and the talent there in 2000 is pretty stunning. The top 8 prospects from the 2000 edition of the MWL:

  1. *Josh Beckett, rhp, Kane County (Marlins)
  2. *Juan Cruz, rhp, Lansing (Cubs)
  3. *Chris Snelling, of, Wisconsin (Mariners)
  4. *Austin Kearns, of, Dayton (Reds)
  5. *Albert Pujols, 3b, Peoria (Cardinals)
  6. *Ramon Santiago, ss, West Michigan (Tigers)
  7. *Jacob Peavy, rhp, Fort Wayne (Padres)
  8. *Adam Dunn, of, Dayton (Reds)
Not a bad group there, huh?