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The Baltimore Orioles are bad

Remember when the Orioles were supposedly contenders, earlier this season?

Remember the early season talk about how the A.L. East had turned upside down, and the rejuvenated Orioles, with the most fearsome lineup in baseball, was going to give Boston and New York a run for their money?

Well, forget all that.

Baltimore is sitting at 70-86 right now. They won their first two games after the All Star Break to put them at 49-40, and since then have gone 21-46. That includes two 5 game losing streaks, a 6 game losing streak, an 8 game losing streak, and their current 9 game losing streak. They are last in the A.L. in both runs scored and OPS since the All-Star Break, after being 4th in both at the break.

What a sad-sack team. Bill Simmons called the Arizona Cardinals the Clippers of the NFL recently, because every few years, they fool people into thinking that they are finally going to be good. That's what the Orioles have turned in to...