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Pudge's walk rate

Very slow news period right now for the Rangers, as there's not much to talk about. Unless we want to keep beating the Laird/Barajas situation to death...

So thanks to LSB poster Nick Mahon for pointing out this interesting tidbit...Pudge Rodriguez has only six walks on the season. And two of those walks are intentional.

It is amazing...since May 17, Pudge has only walked twice. Rockie reliever Blaine Neal walked him on June 11, with two out and none on, and Joel Pineiro walked him with two out and a runner on first on July 26.

Pudge has never walked much, but just 6 walks in 432 at bats is an incredibly low rate. His career spread between average and OBP is 38 points, but that spread is just 8 points this season -- a .292 average versus a .300 OBP. His OBP is actually lower than his batting average since the ASB.

I'm not sure, but Pudge may be on pace to have a record-low walk rate for the season.

I'll see if I can go dig up some info on what the record might be...