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Hershiser's status up in the air

T.R. Sullivan with a piece in the S-T today, suggesting that Orel Hershiser's return next season as pitching coach isn't a given.

Hershiser, of course, first came to Texas as an advisor to John Hart in 2002, took over as pitching coach after Oscar Acosta was fired in the midst of the 2002 season, and has stuck around in that role ever since.

However, Hershiser has been open about his desire to eventually become a general manager, and had this to say about coming back as pitching coach next season:

"I've enjoyed working with these pitchers, and I love imparting my knowledge to them," Hershiser said diplomatically. "If asked to continue to impart that knowledge, I would seriously consider it."

I definitely want to see Hershiser back in Texas next year, in some capacity. I have more confidence in Hershiser than I do in either our manager or g.m., and am hoping that Hershiser sticks it out here long enough to succeed Hart (which, I hope, won't be very far in the future).