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A few Labor Day notes

Several items from T.R. Sullivan this morning...

Thomas Diamond and Tim Crabtree have been promoted to AAA for the Redhawks playoff run, and Crabtree is apparently going to be called up to the Rangers once the AAA playoffs are over.

I'm baffled by the recent infatuation with Crabtree. If they want to get a look at a Frisco reliever, call up Wes Littleton, who needs to be protected in the Rule 5 draft this offseason anyway. One would think that with Wasdin, Brocail, and Karsay already on the roster, the Rangers would have enough old righthanded relievers without a future in Texas, although I could be wrong...

Sullivan says that the Rangers are apparently considering Crabtree for a role next season in the pen, which smacks of desperation. Apparently, though, the possibility of Loe going to the rotation next year has made the Rangers a bit desperate. Sullivan points out that Brocail has allowed over 15 runners per 9 innings this season, the highest rate of any reliever this season with at least 50 innings, and Karsay looks like a longshot to get back to his old form.

Richard Hidalgo is apparently done for the season, although that simply means more of Mark DeRosa in the outfield.

And Rod Barajas is still having problems gripping a bat, so he may be out today, as well.