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Notes this morning...

Not that much in the papers this morning...

Apparently, Juan Dominguez is in trouble again, as he was late to yesterday's game, thinking it was a night game. I've got nothing to add here, other than to say that I hope that this doesn't de-rail the progress that has been made.

Thomas Diamond is not going to AAA, as was expected, now that Frisco's season is over. The team has instead decided to allow Diamond, who is from New Orleans and who has family all over the area which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, to return to his family, instead.

Rod Barajas is still hurting, so Gerald Laird may start again today.

A day later, I still have a nice little buzz from the Kam Loe outing yesterday. Yeah, he only struck out one guy, which is a problem, and he had to rely on several terrific defensive plays to keep the game scoreless. Still, the past three outings from Loe have to make you feel good.