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On Kinsler and Chris Young...

T.R. Sullivan this morning says that, despite a strong season in AAA, second baseman Ian Kinsler likely will not be called up once the Redhawk playoffs end, because, according to Sullivan, he'd simply sit behind Alfonso Soriano.

Which is somewhat disappointing, although Sullivan goes on to say that this offseason's situation could change things somewhat. Sullivan points out that, after Brian Giles and A.J. Burnett, there's not much on the free agent market. That cuts both could conceivably mean that there would be more of a market for Alfonso Soriano than we (or I, at least) think. But on the other hand, it also means that, even if we move Soriano to save the $10-11 million he'd make next season, there may not be much to spend it on.

Also per Sullivan, there are apparently discussions going on right now about shutting Chris Young down after his next start, or limiting him to just 5 innings per outing. Young is about to surpass his professional high mark in innings pitched, and his pitches per inning are the third highest in the majors, meaning that his workload is heavier than just the innings pitched would suggest.