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Mike Morse suspended for steroids

Seattle shortstop Mike Morse has been suspended for steroid use.

Before we start ripping him as a Palmeiro-esque moron, though, there are some weird details to this story, and I'd encourage folks to read the Ken Rosenthal story linked above.

Basically, Morse used for a few months after the 2003 season. He got caught last year, fessed up, was suspended.

He got tested again, tested positive again, but tested positive as a result of that same usage he'd already been suspended for. Nevertheless, he got suspended a second time.

Now, he's been suspended a third time, even though the grievance panel found:

That Morse's positive test in May was "more likely than not" from the same use that led to each of his two minor-league suspensions.

That it is "undisputed" that the low amount of the substance found when Morse tested positive in May has no performance-enhancing effect.

That the evidence supports Morse's testimony that he last used steroids during the 2003-04 off-season.

I'm not entirely sure how you can justify suspending a guy three different times for the same crime.