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This morning's thoughts...

Okay, I've wondered out loud why Tim Crabtree is being considered for a September call-up.

And I still think that Wes Littleton would be a better option.

But if the choices are between Crabtree and Doug Brocail the rest of the way...give me Crabtree...

I've got no desire to see Doug Brocail out there on the mound again this season.

In the S-T this morning, T.R. Sullivan says that the Rangers are looking at giving C.J. Wilson another shot at the rotation.

Another one of those things that doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but if Chris Young is going to be shut down for the season, there aren't a whole lot of other options available.

Sullivan also suggests that Kam Loe and Juan Dominguez are on the verge of claiming rotation spots for next season. He points out that Chris Young pretty much locked down a spot in the 2005 rotation with his solid performance over the last few weeks of the 2004 season, and management may be leaning towards slotting Loe and Dominguez into rotation slots for 2006, based on their strong performance down the stretch this year.

That would leave two rotation spots to be filled, and personally, I'd hope that we could find a couple of solid veteran pitchers -- not necessarily an A.J. Burnett, but just a solid guy -- to fill those remaining two spots. No more Pedro Astacios...