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Stupid, spiteful writers...

I've commented on T.J. Simers before...he's the L.A. columnist whose vitriol towards the Dodgers makes Gerry Fraley seem like a management lapdog...

Anyway, this morning he had some sort of random notes column, mainly ripping the Dodgers for nominating Milton Bradley for the Roberto Clemente Award and naming him their Man of the Year, but incorporating several other Dodger-related digs, as well...

Skimming through the column, I found this note:

THE MICRO MANAGER'S odd choice to lead off has been Werth, who has struck out 99 times, including at least once in 14 of the last 15 games he has tried to fake it as a hitter.

"Who would you pick?" Jim Tracy said, and I suggested someone who might put bat to ball so the game doesn't always start with an out.

I gathered by the look on Tracy's face he never thought of that.

Given that Werth has a .345 OBP this season -- a fairly respectable figure, putting him in the top half of Dodger regulars -- I have to think that the look on Tracy's face was one of disbelief as to how someone so stupid could even figure out which end of the pencil to write with.