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Arbitration updates

T.R. Sullivan has a piece this morning on the Rangers' pending arbitration cases...

The most interesting part of it is Jon Daniels' statement that the team was only dealing with one-year deals for its arbitration-eligible players right now. Daniels says that they may look at multi-year deals for some of the players later in the spring, but at this point, they are only talking one year deals.

That is discouraging news on the Mark Teixeira front...the word early in the offseason was that the Rangers and Scott Boras would talk about a multi-year deal for Teixeira. It would appear that those talks didn't go anywhere, as Sullivan reports that they've decided to wait on trying to do a multi-year deal.

However, it is encouraging news on the Rod Barajas front...I've been worried that the team would end up giving Barajas a 3 year, $10 million deal, or something like that. However, Daniels' hanging on to Gerald Laird this offseason, when there was apparently a great deal of interest in him around the league, and the fact that there hasn't been any movement towards a multi-year deal for Barajas, leads me to believe that they are keeping their options open at catcher, rather than locking themselves into having Barajas there for the next few years.