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Bruce Sutter voted to the Hall of Fame

In the latest in a series of ridiculous decisions by the Hall of Fame voters, Bruce Sutter has been elected to the Hall of Fame.

That's great news for Goose Gossage, since Sutter wasn't nearly as good a candidate as Gossage. Or it would be, if Gossage hadn't been overlooked yet again this season by the voters.

Anyway, Sutter's election means that being a great reliever for three seasons, and a very good reliever for another half-dozen or so, means that you are a Hall of Famer.

Using the Sutter standard, Lee Smith, Sparky Lyle, Trevor Hoffman, Robb Nen, Billy Wagner, Mariano Rivera, Troy Percival, John Wetteland, Dan Quisenberry, Kent Tekulve, and Jeff Reardon are all Hall of Famers.

Update [2006-1-10 17:39:21 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Tom Verducci breaks down why Gossage belongs in the Hall, and Sutter doesn't...