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No Crabtree for Texas in 2006

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One of the more bizarre sagas in 2005 for the Rangers was the Tim Crabtree comeback attempt...Crabtree signed with the Rangers, was getting innings out of the pen with Frisco, and there seemed to be something of a push to get Crabtree to the majors before the year was out...

It didn't happen, but the Crabtree Saga lives on, albeit now in Detroit...the Tigers have apparently signed Crabtree to a minor league deal.

The Tigers have also signed former Ranger Ryan Ludwick to a minor league deal, along with Josh Phelps and Matt Mantei, all of whom are interesting players whom I wouldn't have minded seeing here in Texas. Realistically, I'd probably rather have Ludwick than Nevin on the roster as my RH bench bat/DH against lefties...