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Galloway likes the Teixeira deal

From the Galloway/S-T blog...

I don't know what, why or who is responsible, but I'm giving credit to Jon Daniels.

This we all know:

Since Jon Boy took over as the youngest general manager in baseball, the Rangers have attempted to do business once again as a major league team.

And this wasn't happening under the previous GM, a guy by the name of Hart, aka The Empty Golf Shirt.

Latest example:

All-Star first baseman Mark Teixeira agreed on Tuesday to a new two-year contract. It was worth $15.4 million.

Tex is one of baseball's best players. Also one of baseball's best people.

This new deal doesn't assure the Rangers will be able to keep Tex when he's up for free agency after the '08 season. But it goes a long, long way toward making what I considered impossible, possible.