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The latest DMN Rangers newsletter

Just saw that this was up...there's a new DMN Rangers newsletter out...and a couple of regular LSB Eds, Richardson and Coffin, had their questions run.

Some really good stuff from Grant this week, including:

  • Positive vibes from the Teixeira signing
  • Grant thinks the second base job is Kinsler's to lose this spring
  • Some thoughts on Fuson being forced out last year, and Hart not being able to be saved this year
  • More analysis of the Padres deal
  • Hicks and the rising payroll
Most interesting, and encouraging, though, may be this item:

Q: Did the Rangers keep Gerald Laird this off-season because other teams didn't desire him enough to offer good value in return, or because the club still thinks he has a future in Arlington as a No. 1 catcher?

Hunter Thornton, Denton, Texas

GRANT: The Rangers could have traded Laird to San Diego this winter instead of Chris Young in the Adam Eaton-Akinori Otsuka deal. That the Rangers decided to hold on to Laird over Young should speak volumes about the club's thoughts. They believe he will be their starter in 2007, when Rod Barajas can go to free agency.

That makes me very happy to see...hopefully, Grant is right...