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MLB and the licensing of statistics

About a year ago, at the old blog, I had a rant about MLB's efforts to restrict fantasy baseball league's access to statistics...

The L.A. Times today has a follow-up on the situation, although it appears not a whole lot has changed...MLB claims it has the right to restrict and license the use of statistics from baseball games, while, according to this article:

Baseball, in court filings, maintains that intellectual property law makes it illegal for the fantasy league operator to "commercially exploit the identities and statistical profiles" of big league players.

A law professor quoted in the article thinks that MLB will end up settling, because they aren't going to want to risk getting popped with a bad court decision. Regardless of the legal outcome, as I've said before, this seems to be a real stupid tactical decision by MLB...I'm not sure how they think they'll increase interest in baseball by restricting access to stats and fantasy leagues...