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Rangers claim Baldiris

According to Jamey Newberg, the Rangers have claimed Aarom Baldiris off of waivers from the New York Mets. Originally signed at the age of 16 out of Venezuela, he's been primarily a third baseman, although he moved to second base before the 2005 season.

You can find Baldiris's minor league numbers here. Interesting skill set...not much speed, which is usually the calling card for Latin American middle infielders, but pretty good at drawing a walk, and showed a bit of doubles power last year. And he just turned 23 in January.

BA's chat wrap on the Mets prospects includes this snippet on him:

Q: Mike Kane from Texas asks:
What about Baldaris? Seems like his future is a career minor leaguer?

A: Matt Meyers: Baldiris is still on the radar, but he has not made great progress. He wans't awful at Double-A, but he was nothing special. He has a long swing and seems to struggle with plus velocity. He apparently didn't take very well to his switch to second, 2006 could be make or break for him in terms of his prospect status.