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Some Rangers stuff...

As everyone has probably heard, Tom Hicks has announced he's sending Roger Clemens a letter setting out why Clemens should come to Texas.

The fact that this is news is a sign of how slow things are right now, although Hicks obviously wants to make sure the public knows that he is actively courting Clemens. Bottom line, Clemens probably won't decide on a team for at least another 6 weeks, and the Rangers are probably going to do everything they can to make sure they are in the mix. So really, nothing new here...

We also have this tidbit from Jennifer Floyd Engels' "Little Balls of Hate" column, which I generally don't care for:

In answer to a question about whether Rangers former GM John Hart was the real genius behind current GM Jon Daniels' off-season deals, Hicks responded that on at least half of them Hart had advised against.

So what side of the Kevin Millwood fence did Hart sit on?

"He wouldn't have gone four years," Hicks said.

Interesting, but not surprising, that Hart wouldn't have done the Millwood deal. And reassuring, for those of us who don't want John Hart's fingerprints on the Rangers.

I'm guessing that the other two deals Hart advised against were Vicente Padilla (he'd cost too much money, better to wait and see if you can get him cheaper as a non-tender) and the Alfonso Soriano deal.

Finally, I apologize for the delay in getting the latest installment of the 50 Greatest Rangers up, but I've been swamped with real life stuff that has slowed me down. I expect to have the latest installment up either today or tomorrow morning.