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Thursday morning Rangers stuff

Yesterday, there was a note in the DMN about Juan Dominguez missing a flight to minicamp. I purposely ignored that...the article said he still arrived on time, and for the life of me, I couldn't understand why him missing a flight would be news, particularly since if Kam Loe or Ian Kinsler or Josh Rupe missed a flight but arrived in minicamp on time, it likely wouldn't even be reported.

Bob Sturm commented on it yesterday, though it was in the context of how "[t]his will send the usual suspects scurrying to their keyboards to demand the trade of Juan," and reiterating his belief that the Rangers need to stick him in the rotation, coddle him a little if need be, and see what he can do (a p.o.v., incidentally, I agree with).

We have a follow-up article in the DMN today about how Juan Dominguez came into camp 15 pounds heavier than the Rangers wanted him to be, pissing Buck off already.

I continue to worry that Dominguez is going to be a very good pitcher for another team.

Randy Galloway has a piece on the perils of having your stadium named after a company, in the aftermath of Ameriquest's settlement with the government over crooked business practices. Like Galloway, I refer to the park as TBIA, and I don't plan to change...even if 20 years from now I sound like one of those anachronistic geezers like my grandfather, who always referred to Muhammad Ali as Cassius Clay.

Finally, Omar Beltre is having visa problems again. He couldn't get a visa last year, reportedly because of his involvement in a fake-marriage scam that the State Department did not take kindly to. Using a 40 man roster spot on him this offseason seemed strange to me at the time...if he's not granted a visa this year, it will look even worse.