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Rangers sign GMJ, Padilla, Alfonseca

Per the S-T, the Rangers have signed GMJ and Padilla to one year deals, avoiding arbitration. GMJ got $2,387,500, while Padilla will earn $4.4 million.

That leaves only Kevin Mench among arb-eligible players.

Also, the Rangers have apparently signed Antonio Alfonseca to a minor league deal with a spring invite. They've already got a lot of righthanded options in the pen -- Cordero, Otsuka and Benoit appear to be locks, Leicester is out of options, Wasdin has a guaranteed deal, and Feldman, Littleton, and possibly guys like Rupe, Dickey and Dominguez would also seem to be in the mix, with Frankie Francisco supposedly on track to be ready early in the year, as well.

But the team apparently wanted another veteran arm in the mix, so Alfonseca will get a look.

Also, this S-T article has the by-line "Kat O'Brien," rather than "Kathleen O'Brien." I've noticed that this started around the time T.R. Sullivan left, although I imagine that's just a coincidence. Anyway, just thought it was odd for one of the S-T's baseball writers to change how they are credited.