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Coco Crisp trade finally goes down

The Boston Red Sox have finally acquired Coco Crisp.

The deal ended up being more complicated in its final version than in its initial version, with the Indians sending Crisp, David Riske (whom the Rangers were apparently sniffing around on earlier this offseason), and Josh Bard to the BoSox for Guillermo Mota and his physical-failing shoulder, Andy Marte, the perpetual trade baity Kelly Shoppach, a PTBNL, and cash.

The Indians also made a deal with Philly, sending Arthur Rhodes to the Phillies for Jason Michaels, who will take over for Crisp in left field for Cleveland.

Since the deal was originally Marte and Mota for Crisp, before Mota's bad shoulder almost queered the deal, I'm guessing that the PTBNL will end up being something tasty. Shoppach alone wouldn't seem to be enough for both Riske and Bard. The cash, I assume, is just being kicked in to cover some of Mota's salary.

Another solid deal for Mark Shapiro, who is turning out to be a pretty damn good g.m.