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Adam Dunn says, just pour some 'tussin on it...

Adam Dunn saw his offensive numbers decline a little last year. It may have something to do with the fact that he played the last two-thirds of the season with a broken hand:

Reds manager Jerry Narron let it slip this week at a Dayton Agonis Club meeting when somebody criticized Dunn.

"He broke his hand twice last year and wouldn't let us X-ray it because he wanted to play," said Narron.

When Dunn was asked about it, he uttered a profanity and said, "He isn't supposed to be talking about that. It was not that big of a deal."

Asked how long the hand hurt, Dunn said, "What time is it now?"

So, it still hurts.

"Yeah, I had it checked this week and the doctor said I should put a splint on it, but the heck with that," said the man who takes over first base for the Cincinnati Reds this year.

Remarkable, both because of his ability to play through the injury, and his stupidity for not getting it fixed so he can get back to 100%.