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Some stuff this morning

T.R. Sullivan has an article in the S-T this morning, dealing with the Eaton/Young trade which was finally made official yesterday.

Eaton, who before had seemed reluctant to commit long-term to Texas, has changed his tune a bit:

"They're obviously making a strong attempt to improve themselves," Eaton said. "Kevin Millwood said something that really struck me and that was, 'I'm not pitching against the ballpark; I'm pitching against the other pitcher.'

We've also got a column from Jim Reeves this morning, looking at Tom Hicks' sudden willingness to start spending money again. Reeves has an interesting theory on that:

Count me among those who don't think it's just coincidence that Hicks is spending again now that he has an aggressive new GM in place. I'm convinced that John Hart's reluctance to pull the trigger on major deals was as much a part of the problem as Hicks getting gun-shy after his A-Rod and Chan Hopeless ventures went south.

The column is largely a lot of quotes from Hicks about signing Millwood, but in any case, it is worth checking out...