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Another Rangers revamping piece, and a trade

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Stephen Hawkins has an AP piece on the revamping of the Texas Rangers...

Again, nothing you haven't read before, but if you are jonesing for some Rangers stuff, check it out...

Also, the Blue Jays have finally busted up their 1B/3B logjam, sending Corey Koskie and $6 million to the Brewers.

In exchange, the Blue Jays got 25 year old minor league reliever Brian Wolfe, a guy who, at very best, is a fringe prospect.

Basically, this is the Jays admitting they made a mistake by signing Koskie after the 2004 season, and cutting their losses.

Signing Koskie seemed like a bad idea at the time, and appeared worse as the 2005 season went on. The Jays are paying half of what he is still owed on his deal just to get the Brewers to take Koskie off their hands...