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On pitching in TBIA

Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune with a new column, talking about the challenges of pitching in a great hitter's park, and specifically addressing U.S. Cellular (home of the ChiSox) and TBIA...

It includes quotes from new additions Adam Eaton and Kevin Millwood:

Consider what Adam Eaton thought when he was traded from San Diego (and pitcher-friendly Petco Park) to Texas.

"I don't know if I want to pitch there or not," Eaton recalled of his initial reaction.

Millwood had no choice but to take the stiff-upper-lip approach after being wooed by many teams but chasing the last dollar.

"The way I look at [Ameriquest Field], when I go to the mound there's a guy on the other team that's pitching in the same park," Millwood said. "The numbers might not be as great as they are in some other parks, but the main thing is winning."