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Szymborski's ZiPS projectsion for the Rangers

Dan Szymborski's 2006 ZiPS projections for the Rangers are up...

ZiPS is surprisingly bullish on, among others, Brad Wilkerson, Kam Loe, and Gerald Laird, and bearish on Hank Blalock, Vicente Padilla, and Jon Leicester...

Anyway, some interesting stuff to look at and chew over...and please keep in mind the following caveat Szymborski offers:

Disclaimer: ZiPS projections are computer-based projections of performance.
Performances have not been allocated to predicted playing time in the majors -
many of the players listed above are unlikely to play in the majors at all in 2006.
ZiPS is projecting equivalent production - a .240 ZiPS projection may end up
being .280 in AAA or .300 in AA, for example. Whether or not a player will play
is one of many non-statistical factors one has to take into account when predicting
the future.