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A few quick things

Just a few things to throw out there...

BA's Texas League top 20 is out, with John Danks at #7 being the only Rangers to crack the list. For those of you who think Thomas Diamond's stock hasn't fallen since this time last year, please note that he has fallen completely out of the top 20 list, after being in the top 10 last year...

And as a cautionary note about prospect rankings...the BA Texas League top 10 from 2001:

  1. Hank Blalock
  2. Tim Redding
  3. Carlos Hernandez
  4. Rafael Soriano
  5. Jeff Heaverlo
  6. Mario Ramos
  7. Angel Berroa
  8. Lyle Overbay
  9. Ken Harvey
  10. Jason Lane
I don't think anyone in this group, other than Overbay, could be classified as anything other than a major disappointment...

Christina Kahrl's chat session at BP includes several Rangers items, including fielding a question about the Gammons'-referenced Teixeira/Bonderman trade, and her pick of Victor Diaz as someone who could breakout a la Marcus Thames (another former Ranger) in 2007.

Finally, the Twins exercised their $12 million 2007 option on Torii Hunter. Not sure if this means that they want to keep him around, or if they think they can flip him elsewhere for something nice, but he's now off the market, which would seem to increase the demand for GMJ...